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best grill covers

When one invests a fortune into buying a barbeque grill, it is also vital to spend some amount money and making a well-informed decision and buys the best grill covers. Have a grill too large to take inside or perhaps the greasy grill is better left outside?  Wind, rain, sun or snow, a good grill cover must not bow down to the harsh weather condition, to the snow that piles on top of it, the rain that threatens to infiltrate into the grill underneath, to the rising mercury or the dropping one for that matter. The material is extremely important: with polyester covers proving the best, and nylon or canvas competing as close seconds. A grill cover must be lightweight, doesn’t fade, doesn’t let dust and bugs in and while doing all these it must remain standing tall, resistant to rips and crack. Added facilities that come with a good price point is a value for money when buying a grill cover. While almost all grill covers come with Velcro straps to ensure the cover is securely in place, only a few covers come with storage pockets to store grill accessories. Grill cover size is also an issue: one that fits all grill models is always desirable. The best grill cover has you covered in these circumstances.

The market is swimming with grill covers, all supposedly more attractive, cheaper, better performing than the others: here we pick our six favourites when it comes to best grill covers.


  1. CLASSIC ACCESSORIES 73912 VERANDA GRILL COVERS: Heavy-Duty Weather Resistant Fabric, Medium, 58-Inch

Classic Accessories strive towards excellence in covers for cars, RV’s, boat and grills or patio furniture. Indeed the company also manufactures covers for a lot of outdoor furniture and patios etc in the Veranda Collection. The cover comes in a classy bark, earth or pebble colour, some sort of elegant beige; since they have a range of sizes, you can opt for the same branded covering for all your outdoor needs and the combination would not look out of place or unsightly. No bright colour means it isn’t bleached to white after a long period of usage from a bright initial colouring. This grill cover packs in a handful of useful features as well. The adjustable drawstring ensures it fits tightly. Buckled straps (click and close type) secure them against extreme windy conditions. The interiors are lined with a flap to prevent water getting into the cover and hence damaging the grill. Furthermore, it has air vents to reduce trapped interior moisture. The pockets may also collect water if left unattended. The splash guard darker colour skirt guards against splashes. The product is armed with a three year warranty period, during which the company generously replaces your faulty product. This one holds up pretty well against fading given the fact that covers are meant to fade sooner or later due to immense sun exposure. The size range is diverse ranging from XS at 38″L 22″ D 44″H to XXXL at 80″L 26″ D 51″H, with sizes for absolutely any grill at all!

Classic Accessories 73912 Veranda Grill Cover

  • Looks elegant and classy; colour doesn’t fade
  • Large range of sizes means one will be able to find a cover for any grill size
  • Pockets for storing grill accessories.
  • Air vents to reduce moisture build up
  • Drawstrings to tightly secure the cover
  • Made of polyester, which is lightweight, durable and sturdy.
  • Darker coloured skirting material at the bottom guard against splashes.


  • Designed so that the legs or wheels of the grill are bare; undesirable to a lot of users.
  • Storage pockets may collect water if left unchecked in a long time.


  1. Gillman Premium (58 Inch) BBQ Grill Cover, Heavy-Duty Gas Grill Cover: Rip-Proof, UV & Water-Resistant

This is one popular choice of grill cover due to its value for money and exception durability and performance. Also, it is compatible and fits most common grills like Weber Genesis II 3 burner & Genesis 300 Series grills, and Weber Genesis Silver B models. Also fits similar size grill of most other brands like Char-Broil, Brinkmann, Holland, Jenn Air, and Nexgrill. With measures 58 inches in length, 24 inches in width and 48 inches in height, this cover is made with heavy-duty PVC-lined Oxford material that is waterproof, UV-resistant, weatherproof and tear-resistant. The slight long and flowy design is meant to overhang or touch the floor to protect against dust or water; people who like the legs to show might want to stitch it up a bit and hem the bottom up. The polyester fabric is strong, weatherproof. The black colour doesn’t fade fast due to exposure to sunlight. The waterproof canvas is also resistant to rips and tears. The Velcro ties at the bottom help secure the cover over the grill and stop it from blowing away when the winds are heavy. Additionally, the heavily padded handles help easy removal or putting on of the cover and have storage functions. This cover may appear somewhat thin or flimsy, this only makes it flexible and stops it from stiffening no matter how cold it gets.

 Grillman Premium (58 Inch) BBQ Grill Cover,

  • Conveniently sized to fit a lot of common grills in the market.
  • PVC lined Oxford material is water proof as well as UV resistant, tear resistant and weather resistant.
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty and replacement assurance.
  • Great value for money
  • May seem thin and flimsy
  • Loose fit and longer cover which may cause difficulty when moving the grill


  1. Homitt Gas Grill Cover, 58-inch 3-4 Burner 600 Heavy Duty Waterproof BBQ Grill Cover for Most Brands of Grill -Black

This is a cover that may look flimsy, thin and plasticiser on the first inspection. It is actually extremely durable and weatherproof and waterproof, well constructed to last all year round. Tried and tested by customers who have left it in the rain, it has come out well.

Like most Homitt grill covers, the products fit a lot of common grills like Weber, Holland, Jenn Air, Brinkmann, Char-Broil, etc. The grill cover is made of heavy-duty 600D Oxford fabric and PVC outer covering, which means it does a good job of protecting against wind, rain, sun or dust.  The fasteners on two sides keep the cover in place despite heavy winds. This easy to install cover can be put on and removed single-handedly each time.

Measures 58in L and 24 in W and 44 in H, it is a widely compatible and desirable for all sizes of grills. With a 12-month warranty and 60 days money back guarantee, this product is worth the money. It is also very easy to clean. Just hose it with water and let it air dry or sundry. The product comes with a carrier plastic bag into which you can fold the product when not in use. Lighter than Weber covers and hence more flexible, this cover doesn’t stiffen easy to use. Compared to a lot of covers, this was reviewed by customers to hold up pretty well against discolouration and tearing away of seams and stitches. It is also often widely voted as one of the best grill covers at an affordable price tag.

Homitt Grill Cover, 58-inch 600D Heavy Duty Gas Grill Cover,

  • Tough, sturdy material that lasts through all season due to it being resistant to weather, water, tear, dust and the UV rays.
  • Easy to clean and manage: wiping with a soft cloth or washing with a hose does the job.
  • You can fold it and carry it in the plastic bag provided with the product.
  • Homitt provides a 12- month warranty and also has a 60 days money back policy in place, both of which cements the trustworthiness of the company.
  • It is excellent value for money, a great cheaper alternative to Weber covers (a premium  brand)
  • Flexible and durable, doesn’t stiffen when exposed to cold weather
  • Flimsy, thin material with a plastic feel to it.


  1. Tadge Goods BBQ Grill Cover w/Handles (58” Black) Waterproof, Weather Resistant, Heavy Duty | Large Universal Fit with Velcro Secure Straps | Gas, Charcoal, Electric

This brand versatile product comes in a black colour and fits in grill from a lot of brands including Brinkmann, Char-Broil, Weber, Holland and more. The large size also means it can fit gas, charcoal and electrical grills conveniently. The Velcro straps securely tighten around the leg for preventing the cover from displacing and the weight of the cover itself is good enough to hold it down. The placement of the straps at the bottom makes it even more resistant to displacement.  The length of the grill cover may be a bit longer than most covers and this may lead to it getting caught up in the wheels during movement. But an extra length also means that it is well guarded against dust and small animals seeking refuge in the grill! The seams are excellent and the stitching is tough, not one to easily give away without years of use. The heavier, sturdier construction makes it fare well through summers and winters without cracking, disintegrating or falling apart. This product also comes with a zippered plastic storage bag for when the cover is not in use but most people hardly need to store their covers anyway! The double handles at the top help easily remove or place the cover. The colourfast 600D Polyester fabric means that this is fade resistant, UV resistant, wind resistant, and is durable enough to survive the harshest weather condition. Tadge Goods BBQ Grill Cover w/Handles (58” Black)

  • Made of 600D Polyester fabric that is sturdy, durable, tear resistant, UV resistant, and wind resistant
  • The construction is great; the seams are strong, the material doesn’t fray or tear away easily.
  • Affordable.
  • Comes with a plastic bag if one wants to store the cover.
  • The Velcro straps are conveniently placed at the bottom



The size is compatible, fitting a wide range of grills. It is durable and extremely waterproof. The material is UV resistant and resists against harsh weather conditions like extreme rain, snow, dust, and sun. The Velcro straps sit securely on the grill making it windproof. The handles make it easy to remove and put on for those who are frequent users of the grill. The material, however, also has the tendency to fall apart and disintegrate due to a use of more than about 6 or 7 months. The product is also pretty long, which is good cover as it guards water splashing onto the grill or stops insects nesting near it but the length may be a source of annoyance to some users. The only downside to this otherwise cost-effective product is that it fades very quickly: three or four months of sun exposure frays the black to a light grey colour. While the company more than not replaces the product, it is up to the user whether they want to get a replacement ever so often or invest a bit more money and get a high-end cover like Weber or Char-Broil.

Homitt Waterproof Grill Cover, 64 Inch 600D Heavy Duty BBQ Grill Cover with UV Coating for Most Brands of Grill.

  • Dimensions are compatible most common and popular grills
  • Sturdy yet lightweight, heavy-duty 600D Oxford fabric with UV coating and PVC: a cover that is waterproof, UV resistant, wind resistant and weatherproof.
  • Wind Resistant: Velcro straps make it securely tied to the legs of the grill and stop it being blown away by the heavy winds.
  • Really easy to Clean: Hose it with water and dry in the sun
  • Easy to install, put on, and remove: can be set up and used single-handedly.
  • Excellent customer service and replacement policy


  • Black colour easily fades into light grey and discolours quite easily.
  • The product may show a tendency to disintegrate and fall apart after very little use.
  • Needs more frequent replacements that a high-end grill cover like Char-Broil.



This grill cover comes in only one size (68 inches long x 35 inches high x 21 inches wide) with no room for customization; if it fits your grill, you’re in luck. If not, you might have trouble keeping your grill well covered in the harshest of weather; the Velcro straps are just 3 inches long, and when the cover doesn’t fit, it doesn’t do a good job against nasty winds. The vibrant logo (front only) with the name of your favourite team makes it a popular choice. But all that looks good unfortunately doesn’t stay good. It holds up pretty well, for quite a long time, depending on weather conditions, prolonged exposure, whether frequently uncovered or not, etc. It is machine washable but only one gentle cycle wash. Well, you should occasionally clean it with a soft soap. One must be cautious here as flannel attracts dust and provides nesting grounds to bugs.NFL Deluxe Grill Cover

  • Vinyl is one of the most lightweight, durable material for grill covers
  • Easy to clean.
  • Comes in different colours, with names of your favourite team on it.
  • Comes with a one year warranty
  • Soft flannel on the interiors protect the stainless grill from scratches
  • Colour fades away really fast
  • Cracks and falls apart very quickly
  • Flannel might attract dust, termites, insects, etc.


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