Facts About Grilling

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Facts About Grilling


Don’t we all love the idea of a barbecue party? No matter the weather, a barbecue lover will always be ready to prepare some savory snack on the grill. We’ve found some interesting facts about grilling.

You can prepare almost everything on the barbecue, from burger patties to pork ribs! And grilled food also comes with additional health benefits like lower calorie content.


Well, there are more interesting facts about grilling that we have for you. Let’s check them out below:Facts About Grilling

  1. ‘Barbecue’- the word probably comes from the natives of the Caribbean Island, or from the Timucuan Tribes of South Florida. Their word barabicu resembles the word barbecue up to a great extent. But the word had also popped up in various Roman Languages in the form of barbacoa. So, the exact source cannot be traced.
  2. The monument of Stonehenge is an artifact wrapped up in mysteries. According to archaeologists, the staple food of the Stonehenge builder involved gigantic amounts of grilled meat, from the trail of red meat found during excavation. Who ate it and for what purpose-that remains a mystery to this day.
  3. In America, the first introduction of Barbecue was on August 31st, 1733 in the diary of Benjamin Lynde a resident of Salem. His writing claims that he progressed to dine at a restaurant specializing in Barbeque cuisine that day.
  4. In the period before the onset of Civil War, Southerners used to consume around 2.26 kilograms of hog meat to 0.45 kilogram of cattle meat. The raring process of pigs was easy-peasy and therefore were quite cheaper than beef. Another factor is they used to love the taste of Barbecued pigs more than Grilled meat.
  5. Almost everyone is aware of the famous barbecue chain named the Austin’s Franklin Barbeque. Barack Obama, the former US president became the predecessor to bunk standing at the lengthy waiting queue. So as a compensatory, he purchased lunch for everyone standing at the queue to express his apology.
  6. Once at a political meeting, supporters of Andrew Jackson, the 7th US president, who was known as ‘Old Hickory’ because of his toughness, gave out toothpicks made of hickory wood at hickory fired Barbeques.
  7. Lyndon B.Johnson, the 36th US president implemented the taste of barbeque in the most diplomatic way. He used to invite politicians like the Konrad Adenauer who was the Chancellor of West German and many other congress members for a barbeque dining. What works best than barbeque ribs dashed with sauce to discuss world peace, right?
  8. William “Smokey “Robinson, the famous American Musician has a weird request jotted in his contract! He wishes for a smoking plate of barbecued chicken wings for all of his employees including him.
  9. Everyone loves Mc Donald’s – for its Mc Burgers and Mc Muffins. But not many know the fact that it was originally a barbeque drive-in outlet before paving the way to the delicious hamburgers.
  10. According to high-end barbeque chefs- the meat should be allowed to rest for a certain time before putting it on the grill- from half an hour to 2 hours. If not provided the resting time the meat tends to lose out the juices way faster.
  11. Barbeque bologna is an underrated wholesome awesomeness. Marinate a bologna with mustard sauce, then with a barbeque sauce and let it grilled to perfection for a handful of hours at a low temperature.
  12. To research about the 100 best Barbeque restaurants located in America, Johnny Fugitt ate out at 365 Barbeque eats-outs for about a year. And guess what? He lost a considerable amount of weight during this period.
  13. Residents of Kansas City here is good news for the barbeque lovers. If you are above 16 years old, then you can legally obtain a position of the jury of Kansas City Barbeque Society. Even if you cannot obtain the driving license, but you can earn a seat to taste the savory grilled meat.
  14. This is one of the grilling facts which will make one frowny real fast. The judges of KCBS are not allowed to slurp their fingers while judging food of the contestants- which is sheer unfairness!
  15. There is a documentary by the name Finders Keepers. In this super eerie documentary, two friends purchase a barbeque smoker from an auction- everything was okay till this point. After that, they find a human foot in a mummified state in it and they fight over who deserves to be the real owner of the foot!
  16. The two boxers Evander Holyfield and Mike Tyson were hard-hitting competitors and once Tyson bit off Evander’s ear during a boxing match. When Evander introduced a BBQ sauce, mike reviewed it to be ear-licking good to reference the ear biting incident.
  17. There are hybrid cookers available in the market known as ‘faux cue’ which implements the use of electricity and gas in the process. Dan Levine and John Shelton Reed revolted against this by launching a campaign to defend 100% wood cooked Barbeque.
  18. 19.    There is an entire play dedicated to Barbeque. At Kitchen Dog Theatre in Dallas, this play known as   ‘Barbeque Apocalypse’s’launching was featured by playwright Matt Lyle.
  19. Many famous celebrities have introduced themselves into the restaurant business. The most popular ones who launched BBQ restaurants are Billy Sims and Justin Timberlake. And not to forget, Bobby Brown who owns a chain of Barbeque sauces and spices.
  20. The Governor of Oklahoma Mary Fallin cracked a friendly gamble with Governor of Texas, Grego Abbott. With the Longhorns losing to the Sooners, Mary had to donate 600 Barbeque meals cooked by Oklahoma City’s Head County Barbeque to the Food Bank of Austin’s Capital Area.
  21. There is a Barbeque Genius counter at the Texas Monthly BBQ festival organized by the  A&M College of Agriculture and Life Sciences situated in Texas. Here one can fetch your crashed BBQ to ensure to get it repaired by Dr. Jeff Savell, the Meat Science Professor.
  22. BBQ is associated with its own crime genre as well. A “brisket bandit “stole tons of brisket worth thousands of dollars in San Antonio. He was eventually arrested by the cops when the store owner reported against him.
  23. Have you seen the Spriggs BBQ commercial? If not then see it now. The commercial has got a footfall of approx 509,000 people and you change it now.
  24. Patrick Bertoletti set the record by forging 5.24 lbs of baby pork ribs in just 8 minutes, as claimed by the Major League Eating. And Bob Shroud finished about 35 brisket sandwiches made of brisket meat in just 10 minutes. Kudos to both of them!
  25. Texas holds the prestige of owning the biggest Barbeque Pit of the World. It can grill up to 4 tons of meat in one go and can is even equipped with a fajita grill. It was recently sold on eBay for around 350,000 dollars.
  26. According to actor Reg E. Cathey who played the role of Freddy on the popular American series ‘House of Cards’ believes that the tastiest BBQ food is prepared by the North Carolinas’.
  27. Charlie Vergos,  owner of the famous BBQ restaurant ‘Rendezvous’ is being praised for the invention of Memphis-style dry-rub ribs. This is mostly a contrast of the Greek Barbeque seasoning.
  28. For the last 27 years, Memphis has been credited for arranging a BBQ Competition in Kosher which is popularly called  ASBEE World Kosher Barbeque Championship.
  29. According to paparazzi claims, Calvin Harris’s relationship with Taylor Swift strengthened when he hosted a vegan-friendly barbeque brunch for Taylor and her friends, including her BFF Ellie Goulding, who is also a vegan.
  30. An unofficial quote should read like ‘when you think of Barbeque, think of Texas’. Texas tops the list of sheltering 2238 BBQ restaurants. It has also 1983 independent snack outlets from where one can get access to grilled meat.
  31. Tuffy Stone the barbeque chef of Virginia’s Cool Smoke BBQ restaurant’s team created history by being the best person to win a number of Barbeque Championship awards. Like the  2013’s American Series of Barbeque Invitations and Jack Daniel’s World Championship International held in 2014 and 2015.
  32. Here is one of the fun facts about grilling that is ensured to bestow amazement to anyone. Henry M. Williams requested for a two-day leave from his job at Colombia’s Cotton Mills Company, situated in South Carolina. The mill did not grant his leave request, which was quite obvious. He went against the company’s allowance and took the leave to grill meat. However after he came back, he found that the company fired him. He eventually went to Supreme Court, won the case and sued the company as well, all for the love of Barbeque. The mill’s lawyer alleged that most South Carolina’s judge panel would go in William’s favor knowing that he bunked office to grill meat.
  33. In terms of the most numbers of BBQ eateries located in each capita, Oklahoma tops the list. And Georgia ranks the second, with one restaurant for a number of 5000 BBQ restaurants.
  34. I bet you have heard the famous quote for endorsing California- ‘Why would someone leave California? We Have 4 different BBQ sauces’. South California grabs the 1st position for owning four natives, variants of BBQ sauces. The mouth-watering flavors are – Light Tomato, Heavy Tomato, Mustard, vinegar, and pepper.
  35. In the year of 2014, Sweden’s Pufendorf Institute hosted a food conference known as ‘Eating E.T’. in the symposium, the hosts barbequed a life-like replica of the Extra-Terrestrial animal (E.T) made entirely of gluten to scrutinize our personal relations to other animal genres.
  36. The Big Thunder Ranch Barbeque in Disneyland had closed its door forever on January 11, 2016, to enable entry for the new Star Wars Attraction. Here you can engage into a tongue-lashing about why you cannot feast on a savory barbeque at Disneyland anytime soon!
  37. The Superspeedway of Talladega hosted the world’s first barbeque wrestling match involving barbeque sauces, as per their claims. Plus, the super hard to get off stains!
  38. Want to know about an unusual combination like the cake and rock? Enters the Cherry Street Bicycle Company of Macon, Georgia!  As the name suggests, they focus on manufacturing and selling cycles. But they also specialize in BBQ making!
  39. There is a United Church of Bacon, I know sounds like a myth, but it exists. Basically, an atheist parody church whose forte is to raise funds for charity. The church authorities purchased a ten-bedroom flat which belonged to the magician Penn Jillette. They revamped the house, renaming it to ‘the Nevatican’ and eventually hosted a giant barbeque party.
  40. Apart from being a rocket scientist, the chairperson of the Southern Food and Beverage Museum, Jyl Benson is a pork barbeque specialist and counselor.
  41. Lexington of North Carolina proudly calls itself to be the Capital of the World in terms of Barbequed Food.  As per reports, it alludes to a crowd numbering to 200,000 each and every year to its BBQ festival. More than 7.5 tons of barbequed meats are cooked every year.
  42. George Steven submitted a copyright for an electric barbeque machine in the year 1973. Obviously, the patent did not get him fame, because the idea of an electric barbeque displeased Americans. Later on, 65 inventors credited his objective in their individual labels.
  43. The most common food items served at a barbeque restaurant apart from meat are corn, potatoes, and grilled veggies.
  44. To get that unique flavor into the food different variants of woods are used. The most used are hickory, mesquite, maple, guava, resin and many more.
  45. In 2009, archaeologists discovered a 4-ft cooking pit containing mammoth ribs. Conch shells were also found which led the researches to come to the fact, that giant mammoths had been the first animal to be grilled.

So, here are some really intriguing facts about grilling that not many people are aware of. Although the first traces of grilled foods date back to the 18th century, it is hugely popular all over the world even today.

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