Best Wireless Grill Thermometer Of 2019

Best wireless grill thermometer

All the animals and fishes have the right to be luscious but for this you have to grill them lusciously. But babysitting the temperature of the grilling and tracking the process down might make you lose your temper as well as your energy. But now you don’t have to suffer that if you grab a weapon that will do half of the works for you. And that weapon is a grill thermometer. And if you go for a wireless one then you will be able to give yourself some big space from the cooking process.

Now you might find yourself quite lost for not understanding the reason to get one. Well if that’s the case, we are here to egg you on. Not only you will find the 10 best thermometers that are winning people over the world but you will also get the reason that why you should have a smart thermometer.



MEATER | The Original True Wireless Smart Meat Thermometer

Are those annoying wires limiting your movement and making you measure the heat within the border? Well, now you don’t have to take this effort because MEATER has brought a solution for this with their best wireless grill thermometer.

With this, you don’t have to have a wire and check the temperature of your meal, because they said: no wires, no fuss.

They have an app for free that lets you pick between pork, beef, fish and other meat and set up the cooking parameters so it can give you a good guidance and help you grill the meal with proper heat.

It will make you skilled enough to monitor both the temperature in the oven up to 527°F and the temperature of the meat with its dual sensors up to 212°F. So, it can get the job done both internally and externally.

However, you have to make sure you stay within the range, although its wireless feature tried to make it a bit of handy but still the range falls short.


  • Monitor the temperature both internally and externally.
  • Apps gives a great guidance and offers parameters.
  • No wires, no fuss.
  • Compatible with both Apple and  Android.


  • Range is not wide enough.



Myom Cooking Thermometers Premium

Keep calm and grill on with this another best wireless grill thermometer by Myom.

Coming with dual probe technology, you will be able to monitor both the temperature of meat as well as the temperature of the oven or smoker. The wires have been rated for 716°F.

The thermometer has been programmed in such that you can measure the temperature of any kind of meat, be it turkey, beef, pork or fish.

The best thing about the Myom thermometer is its hassle-free setup. So, you don’t require to go through any synchronization.

Although, the little effort will be the setup of temperature manually, but still the effort will be worth taking.

There will be alarm alert as well to notify you its programmed timer and temperature. And after you turn the unit off, all the settings will get saved.

Not just that, you will get a wire with the transmitter that you can use to either hook on the oven door or utilize as a stand as well. Besides, reading the result through its big LCD displays is another plus.


  • Dual probe technology, so you can check the temperature both internally and externally.
  • No synchronization required.
  • Alarm alert for notification.
  • The settings will get saved for later use.
  • Transmitter has wire to use for hooking or as a stand.


  • No gripes have been found.



Good Grill Wireless Meat Thermometer

If you think your life needs more beer and grilled meal then you need to has best wireless grill thermometer from Good Grill.

Just like the previous two, it too has its dual probe technology and ranging up to 230 feet away, it lets you monitor internal and external temperatures simultaneously.

This little product also offers countdown ability with a beep alert after it reaches your programmed range of temperature so you get notified. The displays will also flash for it.

Moreover, you will get 8 different meats settings with 5 alternative tastes so you can choose your own preference as much as you want.

The only complaint with the product will be its lack of low battery alert. You will not understand when it runs out of juices until it stops working and turns off.


  • Wide wireless range.
  • Countdown ability with a beep alert.
  • Comes with 8 different meats settings with 5 alternative tastes.
  • Big LCD displays.
  • Adjustable temperature settings.
  • Dual probe technology.


  • No low-battery alert.



GELOO Wireless Meat Thermometer Instant Read

Grill might not be only the road to the world peace, but it can be just the start of it. And if you wish to get some world peace in your life, then having this best wireless grill thermometer from GELOO can help you in this.

With its advanced technology, this Bluetooth thermometer offers a strong and reliable connection from 164 feet away. A little shorter range than the previous one, yet it’s manageable.

As the thermometer possess dual probe technology, so you will be able to grill with accurate temperature measurement both in the meat and in the oven. The probes are able to give reading between 33°F to 572°F in just little time.

Besides, you will also find it perfect for all kinds of meats to grill.

On top of that, the item possesses preset temperature and doneness level settings with 8 kinds of food. So, you can customize as much as you wish to.

Not just that, you can also set time to test food. And when your programmed temperature reaches the range, the unit will start to alarm. So there is no chance to get overcooked or undercooked.

However, we would suggest you to take some time for using the product as it is pretty complex for the first timers. You might find the controls for temperatures and alarms a bit confusing. But once you get it right, it will be all smooth and easy.


  • Dual probe technology.
  • Offers temperature measurement both in the meat and in the oven.
  • Perfect for all kinds of meats.
  • Alarm function to notify its reaching of programmed range.


  • Not easy to use for the first-timers.
  • Controls for temperature and alarms are a little confusing.



Standing around the meal getting grilled and to check on the temperature of it can be way mundane. But now you don’t have to do that. With this best wireless grill thermometer by Silipower, things will be easier than before.

All you will have to do is, keep a phone with you so that when the temperature reaches your preset range, it notifies you through the app in your phone.

With this, even if you are 170 feet away of the spot, you will get your notification of its result with a beep by Bluetooth. However, there is a little disappointment with its shorter range but that’s okay.

This particular grill thermometer is quite different than the others as it lets you monitor the temperature of 6 different foods and read smokers or ovens with its 6 colored probes. So, this time, it’s not just 2, it will be 6 to measure the temperature ranging from 32°F to 572°F.

Moreover, you will get preset temperatures for 11 types of food and cooking levels suggested by USDA. You can also customize your preference the way you want.

The brand boasts to offer precise readings with a +/-1% accuracy level that you get the correct result.


  • Able to track a lot of foods.
  • Can adjust the temperature by presetting it.
  • Comes with 6 colored probes.
  • Gives accurate temperature readings.
  • Offers preset temperatures for 11 types of food and cooking levels.


  • Comes with limited range.



ThermoPro TP20 Remote Digital Wireless Meat Thermometer

Turn your grill mode on with this another best wireless grill thermometer by ThermoPro. Not only it is a pro in giving customized temperature and accurate reading but also lets you cook the best grill of your life.

With this dual probe technology, track the temperature of your food and your smoker from 300 feet way. And you can already guess that this is by far the longest range in the list.

However, many people found the probes to be a little disappointing so, make sure you check the quality before buying.

The thermometer will let you preset temperatures for about 9 types of foods and cooking levels. You can also reset the settings according  to your preference.

The probe wires will be able to get the job done by withstanding up to 716°F.

And just by the alert of its alarm, you will understand that it has done with its job.


  • Perfect for all kinds of meats.
  • Alarm function to notify its reaching of programmed range.
  • Dual probe technology.
  • Offers temperature measurement both in the meat and in the oven.


  • Probes might feel flimsy.



Riida TM08 Wireless Meat Thermometer

Make grilling your spirit animal with this smart grill thermometer by Riida.

Its dual probe technology does it all so even if you are 300 feet away from the grilling spot, you can track down the process. However, this is what the brand has advertised. There are people who have griped it to work only within 150 feet. So, there are issue with the range.

With the two probes, not only it will read the temperature of your food but also will read the same of the smoker or oven.

It provides reading temperatures for 9 types of meat and 5 kinds of tastes. And coming with big LCD displays, you can have it monitored easily.

The unit will be able to measure the temperature ranging from 32°F to 572°F.


  • Read the temperature of food and oven accurately.
  • Able to customize the temperature settings.
  • Read temperatures for 9 types of meat and 5 kinds of tastes.
  • No synchronization required.
  • No chance of getting undercooked or overcooked.


  • Might not work from 300 feet away.



MINGER Govee Thermometer/Hygrometer

You know from where the perfect burn marks come from? They come from a perfect grilling. And if you want your grill to be as perfect as you, then you need to get a smart grill thermometer from MINGER.

This is one of the smartest thermometers you can expect from the brand because it will not only let you monitor temperature ranging from 68°F to 140°F but will also let you track the humidity as well.

That being said, its humidity monitor will record about 32000 data and you can upload them to your cellphone as well with Bluetooth.

You will also get alert if the thermometer readings go outside the range you set. So, there will be no chance for the grill to get overcooked.

Coming with the big screen, you will be able to check the readings easily. Besides, its wireless sensor will let you track the process from about 160 feet away.

However, you have to install Govee Home app from the app store and connect it through Bluetooth to use the wireless range. Some people might find issues to connect it by iPhone so it’s better that you check it out before use.

Although, the range still might feel limited but hey, that should not bother you because it still does its reading job tremendously well.


  • Track the temperature and the humidity as well.
  • Comes with temperature ranging from 68°F to 140°F.
  • Can record the about 32000 data.
  • Offers near accurate result.
  • You will get alert via Bluetooth.


  • The wireless range is still limited.
  • Connecting by iPhone is a hassle.




Morpilot Bluetooth Meat Thermometer

Anything perfect might not exist but a perfect grilling does exist. And you know how you can achieve that? Obviously with a thermometer.

So, if you want the best wireless grill thermometer, then have a look at this one from Morpilot. Not only it will give you the best grill with its accurate readings, but also it will give you an ease of convenience with its wireless feature.

This thermometer comes with a range from 32˚F to 572˚F and has 4 probes that let you cook 4 different meals. You can check the internal reading on its big display but that does not mean you have to stand near it all the time. Even if you are some feet away, you can still notify yourself with the alarm from each probe so you can know that your meal got grilled.

They have this app ‘Smart BBP Meter’ that you have to install from App store or Play Store if you want to control cooking feature. The app will let you preset temperatures and doneness levels so you explore more tastes through grilling.

Although the Bluetooth connection will give you a range of 160 feet to let you monitor, yet some of you still might find it a little short.


  • Comes with 4 probes.
  • Able to give accurate readings.
  • Will notify you though the app.
  • Comes with temperature adjustability.
  • You can utilize cooking function through the app.


  • You might find the range short.




Inkbird IBT-4XS Bluetooth Wireless Grill Thermometer

No smell can give you a vibe of satisfaction as much as the smell of grilling can give. But if you want to make it perfect, then you will need to make its temperature perfect. And with this Inkbird IBT-4XS, you can expect that.

The brand boasts to give almost accurate temperature readings. Although, you have to make sure that you insert the probes into the sockets properly to get the precise result otherwise the gaps will give you incorrect readings.

However, coming to the positive points again, the thermometer lets you free from babysitting as all the process results will notify you through the Bluetooth from 150 feet away.

You will have to install the recommended app and you will find 11 different types of cooking meats to explore. The thermometer with its 4 probes will connect to multiple pieces of meat so they can do their job flawlessly.

But there is one little gripe with the product, actually with the display of the product. You will find it dim and hardly readable in lowlight condition especially which is a big minus. Other than that, this is the best wireless grill thermometer you can get from the brand.


  • Comes with 4 probes.
  • Offers accurate readings.
  • App lets you explore 11 different type of meat to grill.
  • Notifies you through alarms and beep in your phone via Bluetooth.


  • The display is dim and not that much readable.


The Buying Guide:

Factors to weigh up

Number of Probes: Whenever you look for a wireless grill thermometer, make sure you count the number of probes. Most of the inexpensive products come with one probe. But in the cheapest range you will find your best with 2 probes. If you are into tracking temperature inside the meat then one or two probes will be enough. But if you want to track down temperature of multiple meats as well as the temperature of the oven or smoker, then look for the item having 2 or more probes.

Remote or Apps: While some of the thermometers operate through a remote, there are some that are operated by app. If you go for app one, then you do not have to have an extra device to keep track of since you can treat your phone as that remote device. However, it is important that you ensure your phone is compatible with the app or else it will not work.

Having said that, since smart features and monitoring are basically the reason to make you look for a smart thermometer, you will need to pick the one that has all the basic elements such as temperature alerts, current temperature readings, maximum and minimum temperature limits and so on.

Temperature Range: You might want to find out the temperature of both the meat as well as the oven or smoker. So, the range should be as much so that it gives accurate readings. Look for the range that will give you reading of as minimum as 32˚F and as maximum as 572˚F.

Accurate readings: Thermometer with precise readings are very essential. Majority of the grill thermometers will have accuracy with about difference of +/-1% of the accuracy.

Bluetooth range: Obviously the more the better. Although, wireless minuses the hassle of babysitting, but if the range of Bluetooth is less, then it will still work as a hassle. So, whenever you look for a thermometer, make sure you get the one that has the widest range more than 150 feet.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How does a wireless thermometer function?

A: The thermometer comes with 3 components to work with: A probe, a cable and a transmitter.

The probe has to be put into the meat or attached inside the oven or grill. It will send the temperature information via cable to the transmitter that sends a signal to your cellphone.

Basically, there will be an LCD display on the thermometer so you can read the temperature result when you go close to it.

Some apps offer two-way communication through which you will be able to change the thermometer setting remotely.


Q: What are the things to be kept in mind so that you don’t damage the thermometer?

A: You will have to be as much safe as you can so that you don’t damage the product. Here are some of the suggestions that you must take into account:

  • Never submerge the probes for washing them. If you want, you can wipe the cable using a paper towel. However, submerging it into water will trigger the probes to stop working.
  • Never go beyond the rating of temperature. Although, it should not be an issue if you are cooking slow and low.
  • You should keep the prove neatly and avert folding and tangling the wires.

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