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best natural gas grill

Grilling is the best way to add fun to your summer vacation or to any family outing. People have been loved to do grilling with their family and friends. Only a good gas grill can provide you with the best smell of seared and tender meat and therefore you must own the best natural gas grill. These best natural gas grills are basically gas grill where you have to operate it with natural gas or gas as the main energy source. Basically, you have to use a metal gas tank with the machine. Most of the natural gas grills are mainly suitable for outdoor places. You can also use a natural gas grill inside your house if you have enough space and ventilation system.

There are numerous natural gas grills available in the market, different in styles, dimensions or features. Apart from these, there are significant price differences between different models. Before you go to buy one you have to think about your needs and budget first. According to that, you need to do a research about the available products. There are different ranges of products, but from our findings, we have found that most familiar gas grills are between the ranges of $250 to $500.  These gas grills are more popular but very basic in performance and design. If your budget is $500 to $1000 then you can go for a stainless steel one. These gas grills usually give more versatility. And lastly, there are some gas grills which will cost you from $1000 to $2000. Though the price is high these gas grills are the most powerful and come with great features.

So you can understand that there are many options available in the market. To assist you to make your purchase decision we have sort down 5 products that we believe are the best of the market. Our top 5 natural gas grills are from different price ranges. You will get a low priced option and also a high priced option. You just have to identify among these 5 which suits your requirements.

So let’s have a look at the reviews of these natural gas grills. To watch our review of some grill accessories click here.


Luxor Gas Grills 42 Inch Built-in Natural Gas Grill With Rotisserie Aht-42rcv-bi-ngLuxor Gas Grills 42 Inch Built-in Natural Gas Grill With Rotisserie Aht-42rcv-bi-ng




As our first pick for the list we have an amazing option for you and that is the Luxor Gas Grills 42 Inch Built-in Natural Gas Grill With Rotisserie Aht-42rcv-bi-ng. The entire cooking system of this grilling machine has been redesigned and it can give you the best grilling experience for sure.

The burners of this natural gas grill are designed in the best way possible. These are rectangular, tapered and top ported. It includes mainly three stainless steel burners which heat directly to the bars and creates an even heating system. There is no chance of food getting burned.  It has also a great Grease Management system that also reduces the chance of flare-ups and you can also remove the grease easily.

One great innovation of the Luxor Gas Grills 42 Inch Built-in Natural Gas Grill With Rotisserie Aht-42rcv-bi-ng is its new ignition system. Just turn on the control knobs on and the igniters will keep on burning. These igniters are places under a safe cuff so it will last for a long time. Apart from the main burners, there is a good quality side burner and also includes some other important accessories. You can easily monitor the cooking temperature and fuel level with this grilling machine. It gives you the opportunity to cook different items at a single time.

Luxor Gas Grills 42 Inch Built-in Natural Gas Grill With Rotisserie Aht-42rcv-bi-ng comes at a little bit high price but considering its performance and excellent construction we think this is worth of. It is a large and simple gas grill, which has a solid construction, good performance and lastly, comes with a 10 year warranty period. So we think you should obviously buy this one and explore its different features.


         Has an automatic electric ignition

         Great construction

         Illuminated control panel

         513 square inches of cooking space


         Maximum heat range is comparatively low

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2.Bull Outdoor Products 87049 Lonestar Select Natural Gas Drop-In Grill Head


Best Natural Gas Grill Bull Outdoor Products 87049 Lonestar Select Natural Gas Drop-In Grill Head



If you are someone who has a big space inside or outside your house and willing to buy a grill machine then don’t look any further, we have the best option for you and that is the Bull Outdoor Products 87049 Lonestar Select Natural Gas Drop-In Grill Head. This grill machine will be the centre of your any outing. There are many features that make this product as one of the best natural gas grills of the market.

At first, we will talk about the stainless steel body. The design has given it a very attractive and elegant look. It is a full stainless gas grill and it is made with the highest grade of steel. There have been no compromises while making it and maybe for that, it comes at a premium price. One thing that is for sure is that this product is going to last a lifetime.

The hood of this gas grill is made with double lined and this is a single piece hood. This single piece makes sure that it has no damage and it doesn’t spile the cooking. So you can understand you are actually investing in a good quality product. Moreover, this double lining also acts as an insulator that means the heat will be reserved in the grill when the lid is off.

The Bull Outdoor Products 87049 includes four different individual burners where you have control for each of the burner. These burners also have individual igniters also. Now when you are getting such good quality gas grill you can also expect that you are going to get a great cooking space and you are right. This has a cooking space of 810 square inches which is perfect for any family or friends gathering.

Actually, there is hardly anything negative about this product. This Bull Outdoor gas grill is going to give you the real grilling experience. The only reason why we have picked as our second choice is for its huge size and high price. But if you are someone who can afford this price and have a large place then this should be your first choice.


  • Great construction and design
  • Large grilling space
  • Integrated thermometer


  • Need large space to set
  • Not completely sealed when using the hood (this is common)

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3.Dyna-Glo Black Natural Gas Grill, Stainless Steel( temporarily unavailable)


Dyna-Glo Black Natural Gas Grill, Stainless Steel Dyna-Glo Black Natural Gas Grill, Stainless Steel

Another great option for grill lover people will be the Dyna-Glo Black Natural Gas Grill. This Dyna grill can perform a super-fast cooking system. This particular gas grill model is in small size, but this comes with more burners than many other grills. Moreover, it has a great cooking space, almost 667 square inches. With this one of the best natural gas grill, you can have full control over grilling different foods and will also have a great workplace. It includes 5 burners.

The Dyna-Glo Black Natural Gas Grill makes sure that you are having the perfectly cooked meat using the infinite setting control valves. It allows you to tinker with both indirect and direct heat system. You have total control to adjust the heat by yourself. The main plus point of this grilling machine is that you are getting a grill machine that comes in a convenient size. As we already mentioned it has 5 burners including one side burner, even after having 5 burners the size is really convenient.

Another great feature of this Dyna-Glo one of the best natural gas grill is that it can heat up very fast. It has a total BTU of 60,000 which ensures a great heat. There is no concern about food getting burned because it always maintains a constant and even heating system. As the heat goes up very quickly it also quickens the grilling process, so you don’t need to spend hours after hours to cook the meat.

To sum up, this compact one of the best natural gas grill comes with more burners and ensures your food is getting ready quickly. So this could be a good option if you are looking for something to cook for many people.


         Fast heating

         Great in size

         Lot of cooking space


         Can cause flare-ups

         Need to take extra caution

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4.Napoleon Grills Prestige Pro 500 Natural Gas Grill

Napoleon Grills Prestige Pro 500 Natural Gas Grill Napoleon Grills Prestige Pro 500 Natural Gas Grill


Whenever you are talking about the best natural gas grill available in the market, you will always hear the name of the Napoleon Prestige Pro series. It is a well-known brand and they are in the market for years. Amon their different models the Napoleon Grills Prestige Pro 500 Natural Gas Grill, Stainless Steel is one that we really think does its job perfectly and that’s why it is on our top 5 list.

This is an all packed one of the best natural gas grill that comes with many innovative accessories and with great functionality. This natural gas grill has an infrared rear burner, sizzle zone and rotisserie. To add more smoke flavour you can also add an additional charcoal tray. The Napoleon Grills Prestige Pro 500 Natural Gas Grill has a total number of six burners that can create heat up to 80,000 BTU.

It has a six caster looking wheels which make sure you can set the grill exactly at the spot you want.  There is an attachable stainless steel plate where you can cook also in a hibachi style. The main area is about 500 square inches and also a 260 square inch of warming area. So in total, you are getting 760 square inches area for cooking, which is great. There are two swinging doors where you can store different items. Moreover, it comes with a bottle opener and ice bucket.

All in all, the Napoleon Grills Prestige Pro 500 Natural Gas Grill has done a good job. It will give you all the basic tools which are required to have the best grilling experience. There is nothing very extraordinary about this model but it won’t disappoint you.



  • Large cooking area
  • Has a sleek design for the stainless steel
  • Great for cooking both in daytime or night time


  • High price
  • Unnecessary heating surfaces

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 5.Napoleon  525 Natural Gas Grill

Napoleon BILEX605RBINSS Built-in Natural Gas Grill Napoleon BILEX605RBINSS Built-in Natural Gas Grill


As our last pick, we have another Napoleon gas grill model; this is the Napoleon525 Built-in Natural Gas grill. People have mixed reviews about this product, where some people have really loved the product some has found some difficulties with it. We have considered both of the cases and we think this can have the place in our top 5 list.

To ensure an easy and effortless grilling experience this gas grill has combined high cooking performance and great construction at the same time. It has the quick lighting Jetfire ignition system where you can start your cooking within a few minutes. Apart from its good cooking performance, this Napoleon natural gas grill has got a very beautiful design. Though it is our last pick we must say that it is the most beautiful looking natural gas grills from our list. The glow backlit control knobs and illuminating touch control has given this machine a very elegant look.

The Napoleon 525 Built-in natural gas grill has a great cooking space of 850 square feet. For the searing purpose, it has included high-intensity ceramic burner at the bottom. Now what people really don’t like is that this model comes at a high price. At this price range, the performance is a little bit low. There are some other models which perform better with this price range. But, still why we think you should give it a try, because of its durability and functionality. Even if the price is high you are getting the exact product that you are supposed to get.


         Jet Fire ignition system

         Great space

         Stainless steel


         Customer service is not good

         High price

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 The conclusion of the best natural gas grill :

We hope this article about best natural gas grill was able to help you. These reviews are written based on real customer feedbacks and after a lot of research. Therefore, you can surely depend on these. However, we have only talked about 5 products, but there can be a best natural gas grill outside of these 5 which can meet your requirements more efficiently. In that case, you can always go for that. 

And if you wanna check out some electric grill then click here to see our review.

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