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best grill cleaning brush

If you cannot imagine a weekend without hosting a get-together with friends and family, we are guessing you also own a grill in your back yard because no party at home is complete without grilled food. A serious griller who loves to host BBQ parties knows the importance of keeping the grill clean and we are here to help you find you the best grill cleaning brush possible. A good grill is a worthy possession and maintaining it requires a little effort. A must-have item in order to keep your prized possession in top notch condition is a grill brush. Not just any brush but the best grill cleaning brush that will remove debris without damaging the grates. Now if you are not familiar with the kind of grill brushes available in the market, you may ask what the fuss is all about because in the end they are all just items used for cleaning, right? Well, you will find the answer to that hopefully in this article as we cover more details on what makes a good grill brush, why you must be careful when choosing one for your grill and what options you have out there. We have included a list of the top 5 grill brushes that don’t just clean but also improve the look of your grill and ensure its high performance. If you can look after your grill by keeping it clean and safe then you can continue to impress your loved ones with delicious recipes and also improve your cooking skills all at once.

RWM Bristle Free Grill Brush  

RWM Bristle Free Grill BrushRWM Bristle Free Grill Brush


If you are worried about finding broken wire in your food after your grill has been cleaned then you need to get yourself a bristle free brush. This brush has a unique design of wires in a spring coil that eliminates any chance of broken wire and annoying frays. As health matters the most, you will be glad to know that the brush is FDA approved and one of the safest brushes in the market. Not only does it come with patented stainless steel spring coil, it also protects your hands from scratches. It is compatible with all kinds of grills and very effective in removing grease and debris from surfaces with ease. Some grill brushes also have a habit of allowing food to get stuck within the brush which later on needs its own cleaning but with this brush you can rest assured that nothing with stick to the brush itself and cleaning the brush afterwards will be a simple process. The brush measures at 18 inch in length, meaning you can keep a good distance during the cleaning process. The wire coil which is made of high quality stainless steel will not melt like nylon bristles so you can expect great durability and performance. It is powerful enough to remove tough grease and debris while gentle enough not to damage any surface. It is an excellent tool that every griller must own in order to keep their grill in perfect condition. The product also comes with a 2 year warranty.


  • Bristle free brush
  • FDA approved
  • Compatible with most grills
  • Good size and length
  • Food will not stick to the brush
  • Will not damage any surface


  • Some users mentioned that they had to apply quite a bit of force in order for the brush to effectively remove grease and other resides.
GRILLART Grill Brush and Scraper   

The GRILLART Grill Brush is a biggie. It is quite a popular brush and rightfully so with its innovative design and high quality bristles. The brush comes with 3 unique style brushes all joining as one to create the perfect cleaning tool. It rotates at 360 degree which means you can aim for every inch of your grill and make it look as good as new. With the handle the brush measures at an ideal length of 18 inch and we know for sure that the length determines how much pressure you have to apply from your end and how well the cleaning result will be. Much shorter or longer brushes tend to require too much pressure and can easily break. The carefully embedded stainless steel wire and the firm build of the brush increases it durability and it might just outlast your grill. This grill brush is also compatible with all kinds of outdoor grills so you can gift it to anyone who owns a grill.


  • 3 unique brushes in one
  • Rotates 360 degree to clean every inch of your grill
  • Ideal length
  • Durable and won’t rust


  • None
Kona Safe/Clean Grill Brush   

Kona safe/clean grill brush


Our next grill brush is the Kona Safe/Clean bristle free brush. The bristle free type is quite popular as there are no chances of strays or little pieces of wire falling off. No one would ever want to bite in to a broken piece of wire with their steak and with some cheap bristled brushes that scenario may take place. Luckily for those who don’t want to take the risk, we now have such bristle free brushes which not only make cleaning less of a hassle but also prevent scratches on your hands and damage on delicate surfaces. There are no sharp edges so the brush is very safe to use. The stainless steel wiring will not melt when used on hot grills and you can wipe of residue with the 3 in 1 style brush using simple strokes. The brush can also be used to steam clean for which you just have to keep on dipping the brush in water while brushing the hot grill. This useful tool can be used with all kinds of grills and you can be sure great results. It is light weight so there are no chance of user fatigue but at the same time it is has a strong and rigid construction. The handle is long so you can stay further away from any heat. To top things off, the brush comes with a 10 year warranty.


  • Bristle free
  • Compatible with all grills
  • Durable
  • Good size
  • Comes with a 10 year warranty


  • Some users found this hard to use on grates.
Grill Daddy Brush GD12952S Pro Grill Brush  

Grill Daddy GD12952S Pro Grill Brush

The Grill Daddy GD12952S Pro is a stylish looking brush with a lot of mixed reviews. It works with water where as you brush a hot grill water comes out from under the brush head, creating steam. The steam helps soften residues much better than when scrubbing without water. It works great if you follow the simple steps of filling it with water and working on hot surfaces. The grill needs to be very hot so steam can form, otherwise you will not see any difference. We loved the fact that the removable attachments are all dishwasher safe so just toss everything in there after use and have both your grill and your brush in great condition.


  • You can steam-clean your grill by filling up a little compartment with water on the brush
  • Good quality stainless steel bristles
  • Easy to use
  • Effectively removes grease and debris
  • Great for iron, steel and porcelain grills


  • Cases of the bristles coming off were reported by some users.
Barbecue Grill Brush and Scraper by BBQ-Aid  

Our last brush on the list is the Barbecue Grill Brush and Scraper by BBQ- Aid. It is a modern brush with a wooden handle that looks classic and will compliment any BBQ set. Let us talk about its design first. We loved the light brown wooden handle and the stainless steel core and square brush head. The sturdy look and the simple yet elegant design give this brush a look of high quality. It measures at 15inch in length, which is not too long and just about perfect. Shorter brushes require too much effort while anything longer than 18 inch would have being inconvenient. If you prefer to use both hands while handling a brush you can easily do so with this brush. It is compatible and safe to use with porcelain, ceramic, infrared, Weber and char-broil grills so you purchase this brush for yourself or even for a friend. As it comes with a scraper as well as a brush, you can first work on tough muck and then proceed to brush the entire grill for more effective cleaning. This heavy duty grill brush does the job in style while leaving your grill looking fantastic.


  • Stylish looking brush
  • High quality wooden handle and stainless steel bristles
  • Comes with a scraper
  • Good length


  • The bristles are not well embedded


Grill Brush Buying Guide

With so many different models and makes of brushes, you can easily get confused and find it difficult to make the right choice. We have included a buying guide for you so you can have a better understanding of this cleaning tool. Here are some things to consider when purchasing a Grill Brush:


The two most important aspects of a grill brush are its handle and bristles. Bristles can be of brass, stainless or carbon steel and nylon.  This brush is a safe option as it eliminates the risk of wires breaking off and ending up in your food.

Handle Material & Size

Handles can be made of plastic, stainless steel and wood. Wooden handles are light and easy to use but they do tend to get burnt when used on hot grills. Steel handles are very durable. But they get hot and you may burn your hand while trying to get your grill clean. Plastic handles are also durable and do not get as hot as steel handles so we find them to be more convenient than the other two. However when buying a brush with a plastic handle, make sure the plastic is of high quality. In terms of size, a short handle will require a lot of effort from your end while an extra long one works a bit slow. Your best option will be the one with medium length, somewhere between 10 to 18 inches.


Before purchasing your brush make sure it is compatible with your grill. Check if your brush is designed to clean the grates on a particular grill. If you do not purchase the correct brush then you may end up with a brush that is either too weak or too strong for your grill. Some brushes are very versatile and can be used on almost all kinds of grills. Such brushes also make excellent gifts as you can present one to anyone with a grill.

Quality and Weight

The quality and weight of the brush go hand in hand. The material used to make the bristles and the handle determine the weight of the brush. All metallic brushes are somewhat heavier and you will not enjoy using them. The best kind of brushes are those with mixed materials such as steel and plastic. Well-designed bristles along with a sturdy handle are what you should be aiming for.

Benefits of buying a Grill Brush
  1. Essential in keeping your grill clean: You cannot clean your grill properly without a grill brush. If you want the best results then you have to purchase a good grill brush.
  2. The most hygienic way to clean grills. Grease and other residues tend to stick to the grates of the grill and with outdoor grills the dirt doubles. Dust sticks to the grease and worsens the condition of the grill.  To cook healthy food that is safe to serve to your loved ones you have to clean your grill very well before using.
  3. Effortless cleaning. 
  4. No damage. You will not be at risk of damaging your grill in any way if you use the recommended cleaning brush to clean your grill.
  5. Prevent accidents. If you use a normal brush that is not designed for grills then you will be at risk of injuring yourself.
How to clean your grill

Follow the instructions below

  1. Wear gloves to protect your hands, long gloves that reach till the elbow are the best. Switch off all dials on the grill, turn off and disconnect the propane tank for safety reasons.
  2. Try to clean the grill while it is still warm. Remove the grates and metal plates and soak them in warm water and soap for all residues to soften.
  3. Before you clean the underside of the hood, cover the heating elements with foil to avoid dirt falling into them. Scrub the underside with a grill brush to remove all the build-up.
  4. Scrub the inside walls with the brush and then wipe off with a cloth.
  5. The soaked grates should be ready to clean by now. Remove them from the water and use the grill brush to get rid of any stuck grease and debris. Wash them under a running tap or use a hose spray.
  6. Uncover the heating elements and give them a gentle wipe with the grill brush.
  7. Put the grates, metal plate and drip pan back in place.
  8. Reconnect the propane tank.
  9. You can sweep out any debris from the cabinet if your grill has a cabinet.
  10. Wipe the outside surface of your grill with any appropriate cleaner and a paper towel.
  11. Your grill is as good as new.


  1. Won’t plastic handles melt when I use them to clean hot grills?

No. The plastic used to construct the handle of a grill brush is heat proof and will not burn easily.

  1. What kind of bristles are the best?

 They also tend to burn easily. Stainless steel bristles are durable and great for cleaning outdoor grills.

  1. What safety precautions can I take while cleaning my grill?

We recommend wearing long gloves to protect your hands and also avoid wearing any flammable clothes. Use grill brushes with handles that are not too short so you can further away from the hot surfaces.

  1. Can I use grill brushes to clean grill pans?

Grill pans are designed mostly for indoor use and have very delicate surfaces. Some even have non stick coatings which can be damaged if it is scrubbed with a brush.


We all love to host BBQ parties but when the fun ends, reality hits hard. After you have fired up your grill and cooked some delicious recipes clean your grill as soon as possible. A good grill brush will complete your BBQ set. You will be able to enjoy using your grill knowing that the cleaning process will be hassle free.

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